State-of-the-art technology and innovation in our services portfolio

Our portfolio of services ranges from the operation of oil fields to engineering design, supply, installation and operation of turnkey projects.

Know our value chain

Artificial Lift Systems

Due to the energy demand and the natural decline of the deposits, it is necessary to optimize the production processes of hydrocarbons. nuvoil corporate offers the solution of Artificial Lift Systems.

  • Pumping and transportation of liquids.
  • Progressive Cavity Pump + infographic
  • Electrocentrifuge Pump   +infographic
  • Pneumatic Pump
  • Hydraulic Pump Jet Type

Operation and optimization of oil fields


Offshore and Onshore natural gas compression

Sistemas de compresión de gas natural que incrementan la presión del gas, nuvoil cuenta con una amplia experiencia en este servicio.

  • Offshore with centrifugal equipment, gas turbines and electric, reciprocating and screw motors.

Conditioning and treatment of natural gas

Desde deshidratación (retiro de partículas de agua) y endulzamiento (retiro de ácido sulfhídrico y CO2) hasta la entrega en punto de venta.

  • Sweetening
  • Dehydration
  • Pumping equipment


Control system with quick-cut valves and emergency buttons send signals that inform that there is an event outside the process isolating the facilities to keep the integrity of the facility safe. This system has audible and visible elements to alert personnel who are working in the process area.

  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Instrumentation with state-of-the-art technology
  • High performance logic controllers
  • Control systems with quick cut valves
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Human machine interface design
Safety system for areas with explosive presence. Detects fire and gas and intervenes automatically in case of fire or presence of toxic gas and / or methane.

  • Measurement and control of explosive mixtures
  • Measurement and control of H2S gas
  • Fire detection
  • Design of networks against fire
  • Calculation of dry chemical powder volume
  • Human machine interface design
  • Security semaphores
  • State-of-the-art logic controllers integrating with SCADA systems
  • They have USB, Serial and Ethernet ports that are integrated with any measurement instrument
  • They have two different communication protocols: Modbus and DNP3
It is a service open to both pre-existing customers and the public. This service can range from pipeline thickness measurement, visual inspection and mechanical integrity studies of equipment, maintenance of electrical, emergency and valve tree systems, to the preparation of predictive and preventive maintenance reports so the client knows what and when it should be replaced.

We offer technological improvements in equipment when required, obtaining long-term benefits, optimizing your product flows or improving spaces in the equipment itself.

  • Natural gas compressors
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Gas and fire detection systems
  • Telemetry and instruments
  • Valve shafts
  • Gas dehydrating plants
  • Duct valves
  • Sweetening plants
  • Pumping equipment
Telemetry systems with state-of-the-art technology that generate the transmission of field data and operational variables in real time at any point.

Some operations in this area are

  • Design and engineering of data transmission systems
  • Installation of measuring instruments
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Volume calculation
  • Revolutions
  • Hour-Meters
  • Installation of monitoring centers
  • Human machine interfaces
  • Analysis of trends and historical charts
  • Historical database
  • Alarms and events
  • High-performance logic controllers.

Big projects
towards borderless growth.

A trajectory marked by pioneering projects in Mexico, Latin America and the world, described below.


Artificial lifting system for the improvement of the production of mature wells. Improved recovery method for mature oil wells.

We are the company with more equipment operating in Mexico.

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It consists of a bitter gas compression system on a Jack Up self-lifting platform, is interconnected with fixed marine oil platforms. Project pioneer in the world.

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Pilot Project

Improved recovery process through on-site combustion. First in Mexico of its kind

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With highly innovative design and technology, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) plant reduces the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. First in Mexico and Latin America, third in the world.

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nuvoil contributes to the development of the Mexican oil industry in the framework of the Energy Reform. In partnership with Sistemas Integrales de Compresión and Constructora Marusa, the Benavides – Primavera field started operating this year. This is the largest field of the tendered in 2015, in the Third Round of Round 1.3 for hydrocarbon extraction fields.

Benavides – Primavera is located in Campo Burgos, in the state of Nuevo Leon, covers an area of ​​172 km2 and generates 150 direct and indirect jobs.