March 10th, 2021.- Nuvoil and Global Compact Mexico broadcasted their first webinar named «Responsabilidad Social Corporativa en las empresas mexicanas y Grupo Empresarial Nuvoil (Corporate Social Responsibility in Mexican Companies and Nuvoil Business Group)», in which Mauricio Bonilla, executive director of the Global Compact in Mexico and Michelle Benítez,  coordinator of adherents had a conversation space with the superior leadership team of the four companies that constitute Nuvoil Company Group.

Its virtual format let the collaborators located in different states such as Tabasco, Tamaulipas and Veracruz to incorporate and participate in this session, in which we also have the presence of Leonides Rodríguez Murillo, head of management and finance of Nuvoil Company Group, who appreciated the presence of the Global Compact in Mexico, reaffirming the value added to the organization by being part of a network of companies guided by an United Nations organization.

It was followed by the presentation of Michelle Benítez, coordinator of adherents to the Global Compact, who introduced the participants to the key concepts and initiative they promote. During her participation, she said:

“Nuvoil joined the initiative in 2016 and annually presents its COP with results in the areas of Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and Anticorruption. You are part of the 6 companies adhered to the Global Compact that are gas and oil producers, and you are one of the few companies of the sector that have committed to the international principles”.

The RSC value for Mexican companies in the energy sector

In a complementary way, Mauricio Bonilla gave way to a short round of questions and answers in which the participating companies were able to see all the trends and to talk about the social responsibility value for Mexican companies in the energy sector.

In conclusion, the webinar reflected the experiences and results of the 7 years Nuvoil Business Group has been performing Corporate Social Responsibility actions in the Mexican energy sector through a presentation given by Grecia González Hernández, RSC coordinator of Nuvoil Group, through which she invited the attendees to ‘take a photographic tour of the results that were possible thank to their involvement. ’

Finally, the representatives of Global Compact in Mexico stated as follows: ‘The actions that Nuvoil has implemented as a company are very valuable since they reflect a strong commitment. We extend our congratulations to all the collaborators that are part of the Group’.

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