• From October 9 to 13, 2017, the program “Cinepolis, UV & Nuvoil Route” will be taken to rural communities of the state of Veracruz.
  • The route´s central focus is “Culture of Peace” that will benefit more than 3,000 people.

As a strategic alliance to promote peace in rural communities and vulnerable areas, oil company Nuvoil, Universidad Veracruzana (UV) and Cinepolis Foundation will take a series of film focused on “Culture of Peace”, from October 9th to 13th, to the municipalities of Perote, Las Vigas de Ramirez, Ixhuacan de los Reyes, Paso de Ovejas and the port of Veracruz.

This is the first time that a public university with state coverage, a Mexican oil company and the largest chain of cinemas in Latin America join efforts to promote a culture of peace in the communities of Veracruz.

The Cinepolis Route will reach rural areas with hosting UV Homes and University Brigades projects. UV Homes are spaces to coexist with the rural and suburban areas seeking to strengthen the professional and human formation of graduate students, thus promoting the sustainable development of families in vulnerable communities.

Through these actions, the Cinepolis Route, UV and Nuvoil seek to exhibit content that is socially relevant for the communities, with the purpose of providing them with tools to improve their quality of life and also enjoy the wonderful cinema experience “under the stars”.

The Cinepolis Route offers a cinema experience in open spaces. On an inflatable screen, the viewers will watch short films and will also participate in dynamic activities carried out by the UV providing content focused on the culture of peace.

“We cannot do it all alone, but together we can respond to the urgency of global challenges and build a better tomorrow, this begins at home and one of our homes is Veracruz. This is the first of many projects that will be done thanks to the Cinepolis, UV and Nuvoil alliance”, says nuvoil, Mexican business group.

About nuvoil:

Nuvoil is a Mexican business group in the oil and gas industry, leader in field operation, pioneer in natural gas compression and technological innovation in artificial production systems. Currently, it has presence all over the Gulf of Mexico, it has started operations in the Pacific and this 2017 celebrates 20 years of trajectory and experience.

This alliance with Cinepolis Foundation and Universidad Veracruzana responds to nuvoil‘s corporate position of being sustainable through Corporate Social Responsibility, which is based on the company’s Management Model under the ISO 26000 Guide and the Objectives of Sustainable Development of the 2030 Agenda of the Global Compact, thus

adding value to the relationship with rural communities, the social management plan and sustainable projects in the areas where the group operates.

More information at: www.nuvoil.com / http://web.facebook.com/Nuvoil/

About Cinepolis Foundation:

Cinepolis Foundation was created in 2008 with the mission of contributing to social justice in Mexico through programs for visual health and education through cinema and meaningful entertainment, with a special focus on the most vulnerable sectors of society. Through the axis “Visual Health” and its social program “Sight Comes From Love”, the Foundation’s guiding program, to date more than 35,000 people suffering from cataract blindness in 30 Mexican states have recovered their sight. With the axis of “Education through film (Edutainment)” it promotes collective awareness with global and socially relevant topics such as Human Rights, Citizen Participation, Health, Violence (Bullying), Road Safety, Addictions and the Environment. Similarly, through “Entertainment with Sense”, the wonderful experience of cinema is shared with the most vulnerable sectors of society and through social programs such as “Let´s All Go to Cinepolis” and “Cinepolis Route”.

Cinepolis has obtained, for 14 consecutive years, the distinction as a Socially Responsible Company awarded by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) thanks to the compliance with the 5 dimensions established by this organization: CSR management in the company, quality of life in the company, business ethics, relationship with the community and care and preservation of the environment.

For more information visit: www.fundacioncinepolis.org / www.facebook.com/fundcinepolis.com

About Universidad Veracruzana:

It is a public institution of higher education, autonomous, of social interest and with its own legal personality and assets. Its aims are to conserve, create and transmit culture, for the benefit of society and with the highest level of academic quality and its substantive functions are teaching, research, the dissemination of culture and extension of services, which will be made by the academic entities. Universidad Veracruzana is permanently linked to society in order to influence the solution of their problems and the approach of alternatives for development based on scientific and technological progress, providing the benefits of culture and obtaining in reciprocity the necessary support for its strengthening.

This is done through the Engagement General Direction that coordinates the relationship of Universidad Veracruzana with society through strategies that influence and help development problem attention in social, productive and service sectors, locally, nation and worldwide.