For the first year, nuvoil, the mexican hydrocarbon business group, is recognized by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility (AliaRSE), with the CSR® 2018 (Socially Responsible Company) Distinction.

“We recognize the effort to voluntarily and publicly assume the commitment to implement a socially responsible management and continuous improvement as part of its culture and business strategy” mentioned CEMEFI on its official website.

In recent years, along with the transformation of the energy sector in Mexico, nuvoil has laid the foundations for the construction of corporate citizenship. Mariano Hernandez Palmeros, the business group’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, says:

“We are proud to have started, for four years, a Management Model with added value through the innovation of our services and solutions in the sector aligned with Corporate Social Responsibility. The CSR® 2018 Distinction reaffirms the commitment of our strategy, culture and daily actions in order to contribute to the sustainability of our country. “

Nuvoil will officially receive the CSR® 2018 Distinction at the 11th Latin American Meeting of Socially Responsible Companies, from May 14 through the 17 this year at the WTC in Mexico City, under the main theme of “Disruptive Companies, Business with Value”.


On February 9, CEMEFI and AliaRSE published the list of companies that obtained the CSR® 2018 Distinction, which satisfactorily met the standards established in the areas of CSR. See the list of winning companies at the following link: