Information for making sound decisions

Our IMS (Integral Management System) strengthens us as a corporate entity by allowing business units to focus on the generation of customer value, while their management processes are developed within a reliable system that through transparency in the information, providing the credibility and rigor for the right decision making.

The IMS encompasses all the areas managed in the same objective, where the Quality Management System is the common denominator that drives the instruments and fundamentals of control in the evaluations.

ISO 26000

IMS in conjunction with Corporate Social Responsibility are the pillars of the Business Management Model. This model constitutes the basis that shapes and consolidates the novoil Corporate with:

  • Creating value with allies
  • Annual planning for the effective fulfillment of our mission
  • Sustainable development for our stakeholders through our Community Linkage Policy
  • Sustainability Reporting Exercises with GRI Standards (Standard G4) based on Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO)
  • Ten principles of the UN Global Compact for the Progress Report on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.
  • It seeks to institutionalize the company in the Medium Term Plan for Sustainable Development (MTPSD).

ISO 9001

There is an inherent commitment to convert customer requirements into features of our services, through a quality program that:

  • Specializes the audit team
  • Manage standardized methodology
  • Identifies areas of opportunity
  • Implement preventive and corrective actions
  • Verify talent performance and development
  • It guarantees the highest quality requested by the customer.

ISO 14001 and current Mexican regulations

Environmental management program which:

  • Involves all stakeholders
  • Cares for natural resources
  • Minimizes environmental impact

Present in the development of projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, such as the Tres Hermanos MDL plant. In compliance with IPIECA to contribute to improving the environmental and social performance of the oil and gas sector.

It promotes the rigorous care of station waste (RPs) at authorized sites.

Compliance with Mexican regulators such as ASEA.

OHSAS 18001 and precepts of the annex SSPA of PEMEX

We generate reliability and well-being through a program of cultural transformation that aims to lead us to interdependence, with:

  • Process safety
  • Quality standards in working methods
  • Training in industrial safety with DC5 to the instructor and DC3 to the operators by STPS and OHSAS 18001
  • Use in measuring equipment
  • Correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Continuous improvement through root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Interdependent positioning in the model of cultural maturity in industrial security
  • Towards 2020, maintaining a TRIR less than 1.0 and with zero fatal accidents to the interdependent stage.

At nuvoil we are proud to be a company free from tobacco smoke and addiction.

Tons of hazardous waste collected by certified companies and transported responsibly to authorized centers.

The appropriate antifreeze would be the equivalent of 5,655 compact cars.

Preventive medical consultations that guarantee the health and safety of our human capital.

 In nuvoil security
is the foundation of our operations.

We provide industrial safety and quality in our services; we serve with added value the social, environmental and sustainable development of all our stakeholders and areas where we have presence.

Safety before operation

We have positioned ourselves as an outstanding entrepreneur in the exploitation of oil assets and natural gas in Mexico; we have important interests of work in contracts and tenders of fields in operation. What commits us to achieve totally responsible and safer operations. We assume the firm duty with the care and security of our human resource, which is the energy that drives nuvoil.

Industrial safety has evolved in stages, from an additional thematic axis has now become part of the Integral Management System.
Provide risk management and analysis, preparing each operator with the knowledge of the whole process so that at a risk can mitigate or eliminate it.
We are identified with a cultural maturity model in safety, from where we measure the degree of evolution of human behavior through the indicator of accidentability (TRIR).
The collaborators, managers and administrators of our corporate are competent in the knowledge and the attitude before any contingency.
All our activities are covered by our corporate policies on safety, health, ethics and sustainability, including Corporate Social Responsibility.
These policies include human rights and labor standards, transparency and anti-corruption, recruitment, safety and health, the working environment and broad environmental issues.

With vision towards 2020. We will all be interacting on issues of protection and industrial safety in an Interdependence, which will not only take care of ourselves but also take care of our colleagues.