We are experts in the operation of oil fields, pioneers in natural gas compression and technological innovation in artificial lift systems. Two decades of growth and achievements support us, making us today a reliable company in the energy sector with great flexibility to build alliances with national and international leaders.



We are a Mexican business group with two decades of innovation and growth. Integrated by 1200 collaborators, we offer specialized services that optimize the production of hydrocarbons. Solutions marked by innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.

The capacity of our human capital, the maturity of our corporate and the knowledge of the oil regions allow us to contribute to the growth of our country’s energy sector.

Operation and optimization of oil fields

Artificial Production Systems

  • Jet Type Hydraulic Pump
  • Continuous Pneumatic Pump
  • Electrocentrifuge Pump
  • Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Pumping and transport of liquid
Offshore and Onshore natural gas compression

  • Offshore with centrifugal equipment, gas turbines and electric, reciprocating and screw motors.

Conditioning and treatment of natural gas

  • Sweetening
  • Dehydration
  • Pumping equipment
  • Telemetry
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Gas detection and fire suppression systems
  • Maintenance of infrastructure

Your strategic ally in oil projects in the Mexican market


Solid management model and Corporate Governance, with an institutional structure that gives support to all our operations.

Integral Management System (IMS) to make decisions that allow us to develop activities within an approved framework, guaranteeing the best practices of the industry.
Commercial and financial strategies with companies from The Netherlands, Germany, England, Canada, China, Korea, Malaysia and the United States. Transparency and loyalty in our contracts with the State and private individuals.
CSR model under ISO 26000 that guides corporate management, seeking dialogue and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders and sustainable growth.


A trajectory marked by unique projects in Mexico, Latin America and the world.
Telemetry systems with state-of-the-art technology that generate the transmission of field data and operational variables in real time at any point.


About 20 years innovating in the Mexican oil sector, achieving success in all our projects. We seek to go before the changes through market analysis and flexibility to be ready with world-class services.

We consolidate the trust of our clients by operating successful projects for the country and the world, such as:

  • Planta Tres Hermanos
    First in Mexico and Latin America, third in the world.
  • Proyecto piloto planta de inyección de aire
    First in Mexico.
  • Gas compression platform:
    First of its kind in the world.
Knowledge in the processes of the CNH to tender and subscribe contracts of exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons. In 2015 we obtained the tender to operate the Campo Benavides – Primavera.

At nuvoil we are prepared to face with strategies, challenges of the current context of the energy sector. In an ever-changing and challenging market, we move from being service providers to field operators. Until becoming today, one of the first Mexican companies to titrate, “Empresa Petrolera” under the new scheme of the Energy Reform in Mexico.


Our proven experience and enormous potential to operate important projects, guaranteed us that CNH awarded us the Campo Benavides – Primavera, positioning us as a leading company in the energy sector with international recognition.


We are a leader in the environmental resilience to climate change by developing projects that favor reducing CO2 emissions, such as the Tres Hermanos MDL plant, the first project registered with the United Nations as a Clean Development Mechanism in Mexico and Latin America, and third in the world. Which gives nuvoil a title as socially responsible investment manager.


Our alliances with our customers allow us to take the potential of our businesses to the full. We count with a constant production level through significant investments in oil and gas exploration and extraction, we provide industrial safety and quality in our services, we serve with added value the social welfare and sustainable development of all our stakeholders and areas where we have presence.


nuvoil contributes to the development of the Mexican oil industry in the framework of the Energy Reform. In partnership with Sistemas Integrales de Compresión and Constructora Marusa, the Benavides – Primavera field started operating this year. This is the largest field tendered in 2015, in the Third Call of Round 1.3 for hydrocarbon extraction fields.

Benavides – Primavera is located in Campo Burgos, in the state of Nuevo Leon, covers an area of ​​172 km2 and generates 150 direct and indirect jobs.


Gas compression system on Jack up platform

Operation of the natural gas sweetening plant with amine technology

EPC of the gas processing plant of the Ixachi field in Veracruz, Mexico