Mariano Hernandez Palmeros, Chairman of the Board at nuvoil group, participated in the panel discussion “Energy Paradigm” in the company of Ricardo Ferreiro, representative of the Mexican Association of Hydrocarbons Companies (AMEXHI) and Mr. Eduardo Nunez Rodriguez, founding member of NR Abogados S.C. law firm, in which the current and future energy challenges in Mexico and the world were analyzed.

The Energy Reform was approved in Mexico in 2013, it involved the creation of nine new laws and the modification of twelve, and this turned out in the configuration of a new national energy industry. Tenders for Rounds 1 and 2 reached an estimated investment of 36,000 million dollars which makes the Mexican energy market a highly competitive and attractive destination for investment.

In this context, the panelists analyzed the transition of Mexico and the world from an economy based on oil and its derivatives to new alternative sources which are the current and future challenges to achieve one of the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) ) of the 2030 Agenda: clean, safe and affordable energy.

Mariano Hernandez Palmeros shared his opinion on the opportunities that opened for national companies as of the Energy Reform, emphasizing the importance of creating alliances with international companies and thus strengthen the technology, experience and capacity of human capital in Mexico.

“By winning the Benavides Primavera field of Round 1 Tender 3, today we bet on electricity generation that moves the country’s industry and we bet on gas as transition energy”.

Corporate Social Responsibility: a new business vision

The emphasis of his participation was on the importance of integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into Business Models as a strategy for the sustainability of organizations.

In the 2016 Sustainability Report it was reported that nuvoil, Mexican energy company, allocated resources for the development of actions and programs in the community which add up to the SDGs by contributing with 33.4% to end poverty, 7.9% to zero hunger, 3.8% for submarine life, 3.4% for peace and justice and 51.6% for health and well-being.

At the end of his participation during in an interview, Mariano Hernandez Palmeros said:

“Being Corporately Responsible reinstates the centrality of the company as an engine for growth, a generator of welfare and guarantor of sustainable social development for our country.”